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Mysterious 230 supplied to Indochina Railways by Mitsui in 1916


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We are a small group of expats living in Vietnam and are working on a website about the history of the railways of Indochina & Vietnam and are of course struggling with incomplete locomotive rosters and general lack of documentation etc. etc.


One of the mysteries is a 230 locomotive (3 pcs ?) that were supplied to CFI by Mitsui company in 1916.

(None of the locomotives survived and so far no photo found. )


Was it made in Japan ?


Maybe by Schenectady ?


Is it possible that it was imported & used in Japan and later sold to Indochina ?


Manchurian meter railway ?


Would really appreciate your assistance.


Railways and Tramways of Việt Nam , www.flickr.com/photos/189316830@N03/



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Hello Janez, welcome to the forum! 


That's quite an interesting locomotive, it looks very American from the drawing except with buffer plates.  Hopefully someone will have a lead for you to follow.


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