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re-installing a large traction tire


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The traction tire on the rear wheel of my Kato C12 has slipped out of its groove.  It’s not broken, just hanging free off the connecting rod.  Despite various needle-nosed pliers, toothpicks, and my opti-visor, I just can’t fiddle it back on because the top of the wheel is obstructed by the body.  The instruction sheet does not indicate how to disassemble the body.  Any tips would be appreciated.

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On the C11 the body comes off by grabbing the cab, spreading the bottom, and pulling up while wiggling it side to side and holding onto the chassis.  The smoke deflectors and front comes off with a slight pull forward.  Then the tanks and running boards come off sideways and slightly up.  Then the detail and pipe work comes off sideways.  With this done you should be able to access all around the drivers.




Be careful as the air pump is a separate piece and has a tendency to go flying when removed.

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Wow, thanks so much!  And with a photo, yet!  But the process, though well described, doesn’t sound simple, and re-assembling J-trains tends to be harder than taking them apart.  I have been reading around about traction tires and sometimes engines run perfectly with just leaving them off.  It depends on the width of tire-groove and track, I guess, which I can’t judge here.  And absolute peak performance is not important for me, I can perfectly well run the engine around light.  Hmm, what’s the worse choice ….

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