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Post-War Steam Locomotive Oil Conversion

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I searched the forum before asking; but I came across a list of locomotives converted with "heavy oil tanks" beginning in 1954. However, I am unable to come up with any photos of what this looks like. Does anyone have any books or images showing what this entails?

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From what I understand, generally the heavy oil modification was for co-combustion, as oil was used in addition to coal to make the job of the stoker easier.  These would generally be used in periods of high steam demand when a single stoker couldn't keep up, such as pulling heavy or fast trains up a long grade.


Usually this modification was most visible in the D51 class by the addition of a 680 liter oil tank above the boiler behind the steam dome, but 1500 and 3000 liter tender mounted tanks also were used.  When on the tender the oil tanks were usually mounted above the water deck at the rear of the tender, leaving the coal portion in use.  


The kato model of the early type D51 includes the large tender mount tank (I believe its the 3000 liter type)


This D51 was preserved with the typical boiler mounted 680 liter oil tank, which is visible as the square box behind the dome above the rear driver.  



Some C62 class also got oil tanks, in this case I believe it was always installed in the tenders.  Both Tokaido and Hokkaido engines got this modification at various times.  You can see it expressed in some models at the bottom of this page.


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Okay, that explains it then! I was expecting to find something more of what you see in the US with oil conversions. I had seen this, but the tank in conjuction with coal threw me off. This was a big help.


The reason for my wonder is because the old Adachi D51 I ended up with is numbered 107, which apparently had the oil tank added in 1954. I'm trying to decide if it's worth while to reflect this on the model. 

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It would be an easy conversion to make.  From what I can see, 107 should have gotten one of the tender oil tanks.  If you are familiar with 3d printing this part could be made and added to the tender without having the modify the model.  


It's also not something that is easy to see in photos, and may have lost the tank in later years too.  So while it could be a fun project, I wouldn't be too worried about it myself.   

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