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Side Benefits to Japanese Model Trains


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I’ve been noticing a side benefit to researching and collecting Japanese model trains.


For example, my knowledge of Japanese geography is a lot better than it was six months ago. 

Today my wife and I watched the replay of the Chile-UK soccer game and I realized that it was in a stadium in Sapporo. And I was like, “I know where Sapporo is! It’s on Hokkaido!” 

My wife was not impressed.

I was pleased with myself. I’ve got a long way to go, but slowly the pieces are falling together.

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Its amazing how much you pick up in addition to railways!  Watching the Olympics tonight I could point out quite a few Tokyo landmarks I've come to recognize after a few years in the hobby. 

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JR 500系

Yeah and pretty soon as you develop your interest further, you'll eventually know the entire Japan including its major islands ~~  🙂


I love playing the Japan prefecture game app on my phone too, it certainly makes me recognise all the 47 prefectures of Japan fast and memorising them by heart!

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JR 500系
22 minutes ago, Yavianice said:

@JR 500系 which prefecture game app might that be?


It's called Enjoy Learning Japan Map Puzzle on the google store, not sure about the App store though ~

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One pro of Japanese railway modelling is surely that sooner or later you'll know A LOT of Japan's geography.


Japanese railway modelling is also a good "launchpad" towards  studying Japanese (as i'm doing right now), as you'll need it sooner or later.


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Tony Galiani

I am working on some basic Japanese for my next trip.  Not very railway oriented but the NHK Travel Japanese lessons are nice - short and easy to digest.  They are not at all intimidating.  Probably not useful for conversations but I think the basics will be helpful for travel.


Tony Galiani

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