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My new Tokyo /Kyoto future anime layout.


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Ok, so this is my new Kato N scale layout.

I did start working out a plan using AnyRail but I decided not to bother because I sit at a computer all day and to get away from that and just winging it felt like it would be more fun to do, plus the design was getting very complex very fast. I did however do a very basic plan of the layout which kind of ended up being very colourful.

The basic idea is that the layout is going to be DCC made up of about 8 loops that link up at a number of spots over 3 possibly 4 levels including a subway and at some point a raised shinkansen half loop. Plus I'm thinking of a bus and tram line at some point in the future so things are going to get a bit busy.


As you can see the base is two MDF boxes with foam on top and I've also started to block out a multi level station in foam core and balsa wood. With the ground I've also started to cut out one entrance ramp to the subway and block out where I want hills and height changes etc. For now everything is pinned in place with wooden skewers so I can chop and change if I need to but because Melbourne is in lockdown I have to wait for some glue I have on order to arrive 🙁


Hope you like where I'm going with this.


Basic Layout_theme board.jpg














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Some extra pics that are more up to date.
I'm messing around with the port area at the moment, the overhang came about because I needed more room to put buildings on the top area end but I'm not sure yet.

The hatch is something I kind of needed to do to help with access to the other side of the layout but it will be covered over by a panel that I hope to have lift out of the way with the help of a 12v electric push rod.

I also got my first building and the first lot of vehicles delivered yesterday 😁







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Cool, nice start!

very near idea of using a solenoid to pop up your lift away hatch, usually an issue. Just don’t use one of the car door lock ones, I discovered how powerful they were when we were building an r2d2 in jr high and it ripped one of his little arms off when it got a tiny bit stuck!



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Poor little R2, well I was thinking of using something like this?

It would take a bit of working out like with the arms needing slots to move past the side of the hole etc but yeah.




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Now that's a very cool idea.


I was kind of thinking about something like that at first but the problem was going to be that if I wanted to move the layout I'd have this odd shaped structure hanging down under it that would be kind of cumbersome to move. But I just realized it only needs to be a frame that drops into the hole with the struts mounted inside that and then it could do exactly like in the video and if I need to move everything the frame would just pull out.


Thanks for suggesting that Madsing, I think I'm going to give it a go.

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That is cool! Those table lifts are stupidly cheap these days and it would not need to lift much weight. Could just lightly bolt the frame to the layout to keep it in place but the just pull it out from the bottom once the tray is removed. 

Would be cool to rest a whole layout or set of modular/sectional modules on some bases like this to lift the whole layout to different heights! Would be a pain trying to synch them all though!


btw I have a couple of adjustable height workbenches like this (hand cranked but may throw an old drill motor on) and I absolutely love them, slowly moving all the odd workbenches I have in the basement to these adjustable height benches as it’s so nice to change the height depending on what I’m working on, tool I’m using or standing or sitting.



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I've thought about building a similar lift away for some scenery above track to facilitate cleaning access, but hadn't thought about adding a cylinder at all. I figured a handle attached to the wood on your four bar mechism would be enough to lift a small section, and the arms would rest against wood stops when in the up position.


Haven't tested it, or guessed how much weight it can handle on its own, but I think it's workable.


Fancy height adjustable tables are cooler though...

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