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Kato models as a training aid.


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I spent the day at our staff college at Petersham doing first aid refresher training. Tucked away at the back of the auditorium was a pair of these layouts, which I assume are some kind of training aid. But look closely at the maker of the power supply, switchgear and loco! 😂











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Maybe it’s to relax the students after a hard day of cpr on the rubber dummies! Great how they built it on the swivel base to store it. Looks in very nice shape.



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Neat find mark!  What are those devices to the left of the turnout controls in the top photo?


I know here in LA some of the Amtrak guys were trying to start a model train club in the old crew room at the LA roundhouse.  Not sure if they're still around, its been a few years.



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I asked my friend James who I believe is a conductor in the Sydney area, he said that layout is for signaler training.  I guess to familiarize non-train people with how a railway works before doing more in-depth training.  He did his training there when he started out.

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