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Hi all


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Hi all,
Greetings and Salutations from Melbourne.

I've been wanting to build a Japan style N Scale set for years and finally took the plunge a few weeks ago.
Having worked in the computer game industry for the last 20 years as a 3d environment artist and now having moved over to the VR side of things I spend my days building places and things for other people and I thought it was about time I build something for myself which was a little bit more tangible.
Also if the pandemic has proven one thing it's that I need a better hobby that will keep me occupied for hours : )

So I got a KATO N Scale N700A Shinkansen Nozomi 10-019 Starter Set and started to work out a plan and a few weeks later I have a 2.4m by 0.9m base board on trestle legs that is sectional. 

The idea for the scene is to have a mix of Tokyo / Kyoto but with a future Anime architectural style twist so a decent amount of the buildings and props etc will have to be scratch built. 
I've been trawling through the site trying to pick up as many tips and tricks as I can find and I came across someone talking about laser cutters so I've got one one on order and a 3d printer is next. 

I studied industrial design at uni which involved a lot of model making so it will be good to get back into that sort of thing after many years.

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Welcome Macross, glad you found the hobby and us! Hobbies like this are so great in so many ways — except your wallet, but in the scheme of things you could spend it on things a lot worse for you! I think you will find it a fun diversion that will utilize your vr skills but like you said make your visualizations a bit more tangible. There is a lot of satisfaction that comes with it sitting there you itself and done by your hands. Also let’s you dabble in a number of different activities working on the layout so nice challenges and refreshing with the variety.


please start a layout thread on your layout. Always so great to see folks approach and progress, we all learn new things all the time this way even if it’s just a different way to look at something.


best wishes!



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Hello Macross,


Welcome on board. I'm looking forward to seeing your project come together. You will post photos for us wont you ? 🙂


It sounds like you have a good strong background that will stand you in good stead for what's to come 👍


All the best





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Welcome Macross 


Former vide game programmer here. Hope you like it here!

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No problems guys,

thanks for making me feel welcome.


I'll be starting a layout thread tonight once I get myself into gear, just finished work so it's chill time 🙂

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