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Track side signs and stuff


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I was looking at Tomix 3075 and didn't understand any of it because I was apparently asleep during my Japanese train driver's classes. 😅


If anyone more informed would like to explain some of these pieces and where they might be found along Japanese railway track that would be much appreciated.







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The rectangular signs with numbers are speed boards for curves and turnouts. The diamond shaped signs are car markers to show where trains of various lengths should stop. The posts with black bottoms are "mileposts" - yeah, I know, the numbers on them are in kilometres 😉 - and the posts with two arms at an angle are gradient markers. Not sure about the remainder.


All the best,



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The yellow rectangular ones with a diagonal black band should be either the "advance advert" or the end marker of a dead catenary section, if i'm not wrong.

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Thanks everyone who responded!
I'll go through that Wikipedia page and see what I can decipher.

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I managed to figure out most of it with a fair amount of certainty.




There are two signs where the text is too small to read and websearching the relevant lines in the product description didn't result in anything I found useful.


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The black writing are I think ATS markers. The red writing I can’t tell the top Kanji. One says 10 metres, other says 50 metres.

一〇メートル (10 metre)

五〇メートル (50 metre)


Contents according to Tomix through google translate.


-A set of railway facility parts near the railroad tracks
 ● Easy to install by setting a dedicated base on the track
 ● Signs are printed
 ● Contents: ATS sign mark Speed marker Stop approach marker Whistle whistle sign Car stop approach marker Speed limit release sign Train stop target Distance marker Railroad crossing Photoelectric tube ATS ground element (new) ATS ground element (old) Speed limit sign Temporary stop sign Gradient sign
 * When combined with an in-vehicle camera system, you can further enhance the sense of presence.

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