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KATO 455 Green Liner Help


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Ok, I'm at my wits end.


Recently procured a KATO 455 Green Liner. One of the cabins didnt turn on the lights. Tested them, and decided that the plates needed cleaning, and the two rods needed a bit of a stretch to reach the plates.


Now Im trying to get it back in, the problem is these clips! The clips from the interior continuously seem to go up and refuse to clip unto the running plate. Had a thin screwdriver to push the interior plate into the running plate, but cant seem to get it to clip on.


Can anyone give me some info on how to put this back together? How to open and close this? This is so cumbersome, its like KATO sealed the interior








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You need to take the roof off so you can press the interior (which those clips are part of) down, then it'll go back together.


From memory the best way is to get a fingernail in between roof and coach end, then gently twist the body and press the roof sideways until the clips disengage. They won't all unhook at once, but once you get that end up you can get a fingernail in and pull the loose end of the roof sideways to unclip the rest of it.


The roof has a sort of flange which hooks onto clips on the inside of the sides, and another which hooks under the cab roof dome (where it changes from body colour to roof grey). Start at the inner end to avoid scarring the model, when you get to the cab the roof will just rotate out from under it.


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