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DE10 1014

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I was reading up on the Mooka Railway line. 

According to Wikipedia, the Mooka Line has one DE10. 


A quick Google search shows it’s DE10 1535. 



However, with some more digging around, I also find DE10 1014 at Mooka.





Digging around some more, I find DE10-1014 in “Island Express” colors.



Both the “Island Express” and the Mooka colors for 1014 have been offered by Tomix. Anyone know the story about this locomotive?


(sorry about the images, the page automatically embedded the links)


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I did a bit of research on the Mooka Railway DE10s earlier this year while making them for Trainz Simulator




"In 2004 the Mooka Railway purchased a DE10 second-hand from JR East, wich was intended to replace the railway’s DD13 55 as the “SL Mooka” helper locomotive. DE10 1535 entered service on the Mooka Railway in late August 2004 and it’s still in service as of today, painted in it’s JNR-era livery, assisting Mooka Railway’s venerable C12 66 on “SL Mooka” services, or “standalone” on charter services (hauling the same 50 Series cars of the “SL Mooka”).


While Mooka Railway’s only operational diesel locomotive is DE10 1535, the company also owns atleast two more DE10s: nos. 1014 and 95, wich were purchased as spare parts donors (and thus never ran a single millimiter on the Mooka Railway under their own power). After being likely stripped of their internal components, both locomotives were put on display at Mooka station, with unit 95 having retained it’s JNR-era livery, while unit 1014 was repainted into a fictious brown livery with red bands."


As i wrote, DE10 1014 was bought as a spare parts donor and then put on display.

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No worries szdfan. When you paste a link to an image file it will automatically show up as an embed, but at the bottom of the image there is a black band where you can lick on the text link “Display as a link instead” and just the link is put in.


for Flickr just paste the url for the image page and the forum software will embed it as a Flickr controlled embed and the image will be shown if the owner is allowing embedding. We allow embedding from Flickr and other image sites that allow embedding and have their own embedding system like this (ie youtube, Twitter, etc).


for wiki images just link to a wiki image page and it won’t try to do the embed and gives all the photo credits and other info that goes with the photos.







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