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East i-D in Hokkaido

Tony Galiani

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Tony Galiani

This is something new to me:

Wouldn't mind a model of this.  The pantographs caught me by surprise when I first saw them.  I need to spend some time on the web to learn about this.  According to the text (if the translation is right) JR Central's Kiya 95 series and JR West's Kiya 141 series are also scheduled to run.  I am not familiar with these so more web searching for me.  And I will check out ogogogwje's youtube channel first thing tomorrow to see if he has videos of those.


Tony Galiani


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Have they? You aint meaning the East-i, not the East-iD? Aka E926.


I vaguely remember pairhands doing a basic plastic unpainted kit.


Edit// never mind. Found it. E193. Pairhand kits was the maya50 clearance car sometimes atached to the East-iD.

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