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Sandpaper holding sticks


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these are nice little tools that let you wrap a small piece of fine sandpaper (like 1”x3”) around the square or round frame and lock onto the handle. Quick to pop on/off different grits of sandpaper once you have them folded up.


also called sandpaper rulers.







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Got mine on ebay. I had a set like 20+ years ago but they have drifted away somewhere I know not.




this is a nice set. I have the 1” sanding belt one that I use in the woodshop. I use the 1” sanding strips you can buy in rolls that I use wrapped around my finger as it does better on curves than mending sheet sandpaper which tends to crack and scratch when bent a lot. Nice as it’s like a file but smoother results and you can keep from rounding things too much with hand sanding on details and corners and easier to manage in tight areas than a sanding block.




They have them at hlj as well and amazon




another option are sanding twigs. Bits of styrene with grit on one or two sides, basically emery boards in little strips. You can pick up an assortment bag and good for getting onto really tiny areas, but usually pretty skinny. But it’s the tool for the really odd spots!





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Doh! Forgot to mention those! Yes I have those as well, excel also has basically the same thing as well. I’ve had a set for a very long time and mainly used them in the woodshop for small areas, they were a bit bulky for modeling stuff and always just defaulted to the disposable sanding twigs for most modeling cleanup.


another option are etched metal sanding sticks that you can then just stick on adhesive back sandpaper (or double stick tape regular paper, but that can get bulky). 



sticky back sandpapers



i also have some of these in transit somewhere to checkout. Basically tooth polishing sandpaper strips.




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Hello again Jeff,


I also followed your suggestion and ordered some of these great little tools. They're very useful, particularly  the cylindrical holder on aircraft models where you need to sand the fillet between wing and fuselage. Thanks heaps!






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Ha glad to be your tool pusher mark! Feel like we should be meeting in an alley way with me with a big trench coat full of inside pockets with tools in them! Hey you gotta try these new sanding sticks, they will blow your mind!





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