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There’s been quite a gap in my modelling time and as I’ve had little to no time, so many projects have been sitting waiting for me. 


Despite that, decided to procrastinate a bit more by adding 0.8mm brass wire to replace the air brake hoses on the wamus. Some of those installed with plastic (loco spares) were fouling the coupling and stopping it either coupling of uncoupling. With the brass wire added, I could bend into a position that wouldn’t interfere. Still not sure whether I need to add a cock to the hose as most will be lost between wagons. 


Also decided to remove the tiny brake hose from each end of the DD54 and replace with some larger ones, like all the Kato and Tomix locos have. They look very under scale but could be the opposite. So it’s now mostly Zoukei Mura with loco numbers and hoses by Tomix.




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The last accessory was the purchase of one of the new Casco boxes and inserts. This should hopefully stop any further issue with bent whistles, which on further research, seems to have happened to a few people with this model. 


The boxes and urethane inserts (from England according to the label) are the same dimensions as the larger Kato loco boxes (not the thinner boxes that the EF58, 12 and 20系 come in) Casco also sell just the urethane for those wanting to replace the polystyrene inserts from their Kato stock. No such insert for Tomix boxes yet. I’ve always found the Kato inserts to be good, although there’s been a few issues with the thinner boxes once coach diaphragms are fitted. 


No labels are included with the box.



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A stolen afternoon at Kamome HO depot has enabled me to number and clear coat the 15x Kato 20系 blue train coaches, finally.


Generally all went on relatively smoothly with only the シ (shi) for the Na-Shi diner causing a few harsh words from the foreman. There were 2 number options for each of the 4 car base set coaches as well as individual Katakana characters and numbers. The Narone were also simple as even the longest of formations had only 1 or 2 of these before they were eventually retired. The Nahane, of which most of the 20 series train is made up of, in my case 9,  came with 3 number options although it was relatively straightforward to create some extra.  It would have been much smoother and simpler to take the Tomix mentality of including about 15-20 different numbers but they we are. 


Also managed to prime and test fit the tanks and chassis for the 4x Tomix Taki 1900 cement tankers. The kits still need some filling and sanding before their black paint goes on and the mixture of materials has meant I needed various adhesives. The white primer certainly highlights the problems well. 


I hope they look good once complete. They are not the best rollers but do navigate R730 curves. Not sure how they’d fair on tighter ones though. 

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