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This weeks mini project was to number the Kato Wamu 80000s. Kato very annoyingly only provide 4 full number options with other individual digits to create your own numbers. The challenge is getting everything lined up if you want to do the latter.. 


I also have Wamu 90000s, a Yo 5000 and Tora 45000s which thankfully have numbers of the same size and font. 

So I essentially cut out a 4 number sequence from other wagon numbers and lined them up behind the 28 for the Wamu 80000s to give some variation. 

All have been fitted with #58 Kadees and 6 of the 12 have been weathered and had their brake handles and shunting steps painted.


I did manage to get around to painting all of their brake pads before i eventually give them some more weathering with the airbrush at a point in the future. I may decide to add some interior detailing but it’s not a priority. Also difficult to find images of these things being loaded.






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Thanks @Kiha66


It adds a little extra and i noticed that Musashino brass versions have additional parts on the underside painted too. To get to the brake pad, you need to remove the shell and push the wheel housings out. They unclip with a firm push. There’s a thin brass strip which acts as the suspension on each axle. The Toras and 90000s have the same housing but the Toras have to be totally dismantled to get to them. 

My plan is to give the underside a airbrush dusting with a suitable brown and then either use powder or an orange brown to replicate brake dust. The colour i used here was actually called “brake dust” from a company in the UK called Railmatch. They produce enamel and acrylic paint for most British outline uses. The colour looks spot on to my eye for well used brake pads. I generally find their colours look great on British stock, but certainly their rail dirt colours are not quite orange or red enough for Japanese underside muck. 

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