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How did you improve your rolling stock? (Worldwide Models)


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Neither Japanese nor N scale, but I guess this is the best place for it. A guy from the club and I fit automatic couplers to my Roco E444. In this short clip I coupe some coaches, drive forward a few cm and then activate the coupling process.



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On 6/9/2021 at 6:24 PM, roadstar_na6 said:

A guy from the club and I fit automatic couplers to my Roco E444

Which automatic coupler product did you use and how did you fit it? I have a little DR BR 114 from Roco that I planned for automatic coupler installation, but didn't get any progress yet. Mine was also a factory DCC & sound version with probably preloaded coupler programs. I think they have the electric connection points reserved on the circuit board but really couldn't find more information about it.

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1 hour ago, Nozomi329 said:

Which automatic coupler product did you use and how did you fit it?

Märklin E117993. There are a few instructions on the Zimo website on how to wire them up to work with a Roco loco 🙂

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in the last few years i have seen some models weather in TT. I only used brushes (make-up brushes) and colors from Games Workshop. Most recently, a DB BR140 in the faded paint was my last job.

This week I want to do the this with a DD51 or DE10 🤨





And a BR44 der DR at the End of the Era DR





Freight cars 😄




On the Last picture you can see the original Cars at the End.

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The wagons are really well made, the look incredibly real.


The problem with weathering, I find, is that if you start you have to weather everything as the gap between clean plastic and weathered rolling stock becomes too noticeable.

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