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Hokodate Line Structures

Tony Galiani

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I was watching the Nagomo View cab ride on this line and came across some odd structures and am wondering if anyone knows what they are and why they are there.  They are both located on the section between Neppu and Mena.

The first is this short tunnel section:



The second is a sort of gallery but it does not seem to be built into a hill.  There are openings on both sides unlike a typical gallery which only has openings on one side.  It also is much longer than that short tunnel in the first photo.


If anyone has any info on these I would appreciate it - I just can't figure out what they are for.


Tony Galiani

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1 hour ago, bikkuri bahn said:

Please tell me where in this cab view video and I may be able to help you:



At 42 minutes in the vid.


The longer shed like struture looks like fall protection.  Lots of tall trees to the left side.


Blue struture just looks like a holding/stoppage shed.  Maybe uses if issues in winter months.

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The short shed used to protect a siding switch- there used to be station in the area called Kami-Mena.   This whole line has been considerably downgraded over the years, and will continue to be so, so alot of redundant structures if not torn down will be left in situ.

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Thanks for the info.  I guess the area is so overgrown now it is hard to see what it was like before.


I have been looking at some of the lines in Hokkaido for modeling ideas and do see quite a few areas where track has been removed or is very overgrown.  I find it disappointing to see so much gone but I guess it makes sense in these times.



Tony Galiani

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