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Packing materials for international shipping


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Can anyone make some suggestions about good places to get packing materials for international shipping when in Japan?


In particular I'm thinking about somewhat bulky items like retro computers. Ideally they need to have some expanding foam packing inside. Sturdy boxes and foam peanuts etc. are also required.


I know Diaso has some cheap materials that are surprisingly good quality, but it's a bit limited. I see there are a lot of Yamato Transport drop off points that claim to have material available, but I've never visited one and I get the impression it's mostly just their own standard size boxes. Ideally I want to use Japan Post with surface shipping because it's the cheapest.


Are there shops where you can take items to be packed? I know there are some companies that specialize in overseas shipping who do re-packaging, but you have to get the item to them first. I figured it being Japan there would be someone offering this kind of service.

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You can buy packing materials at the Japanese post office generally (in my experience, the larger, the better). They are quite helpful, too.

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Ah yes, I do remember them being quite helpful the last time I was there, a many years ago. I couldn't find a list of items they sell on their website though, only stamps and letters.

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