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ESU Signal Pilot

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So, I'm preparing for the Unitram build and wanted to run Signal on that layout. This is the unit I got instead of the egg patties.

I had to jump through a few hoops but I was able to get what I needed going.


I must admit more and more it (ESU) is an easier system as most of the supporting elements are ready to go.

The image below sums it up


I found the basic JR Signaling Aspect as started to build my own signaling interface. The image to the right

are the 5 basic types used in Japan. If you look in the bottom left I add the first Type. That is the 5 Light type.


After building that signal head you just have to drag and drop the signal to the Device area and the program

will make the assignments.   In this case I used addresses 256 so testing will be easier with JMRI as I have

the Digitrax system set up already.


All of this information will be downloaded to the SignalPilot and it is ready to go.




I just need to make my own Signal heads and its done. After that its putting it all together.



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After thinking about it the Tram needs Traffic Signals verses Rail Signals. It is the combination of street lights and rail lights

that are on the tram routes. This lead me to create 2 signal groups. One for the tram and one for the rail.

JR Signals and JR Tram Signals.




It was a little confusing in the beginning as you have to group the Aspects with the type or number of lights the signal head has.

As you can see the Type 4 Head has the same number of lights but their color sequence creates two different signal aspects.


After coding all the aspects in I understand how the LED's are controlled so the trams addition should be easier.


Signal Pilot


Essentially, you can graphically design the Signal head that you have or want and enter them in the listing. You can drag the signal into

the mapping area and the program will make the wiring assignments. From there you can tie it into your layout.


If you are flashing, dimming or what ever to the LED's your settings are programed into the SignalPilot. and it will operate the lights





This is the ECoS commands station that the Signal Pilots work with.




It has a track plan that brings everything together. 




Next up is the test mock up. I'll show the ECoS and Signal Pilot connected together.









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Is this unit workable with other command stations over DCC?  I know nothing about signaling and how it works.


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33 minutes ago, chadbag said:

Is this unit workable with other command stations over DCC?  I know nothing about signaling and how it works.


The initial input comes from the track connection but its replies and responds via Railcom. You can program it via POM and the LokProgrammer so it might run on other track systems. The only issue may be the loss of the Railcom features. I'll verify that when I get the mock up configured.



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Here is the basic heads first. I will do the tram heads after I work out any design flaws here. These seem to be easier.

I'll make some paper mock ups to dial the size in afterward I'll run the first article and make the LED boards next.






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