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Adjustable Circuit Board Holder


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I have one of these and I’ve found it handy to hold other bulkier things that are too big for the vise and don’t need a super hard hold. I even thought it may work to hold cards with small parts on for airbrushing as those always fall over or I need to hold them, but havnt tried that yet.


it’s nice it comes apart also if you are tight on space. 

this is the one I have for working on little PCBs. Easily adjustable. If I need it off the workbench I just clamp it in the pan advise that swivels every which way. I find clamping little pcbs in a thrid hand can be a bit rough and little boards tend to have components very close to the edge. They come up at auction for a couple of bucks.





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I have one of those, it's not something I use for every project but when it need it it is amazing how much easier some projects become.   I recently used mine when I had to solder new leads onto an ESU loksound board.

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