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Rapido Trains N scale New Look Bus


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For those looking for something North American. from Rapido Trains who have previously done an HO Version.




And Rapido Trains real ex-Calgary Transit New Look bus in TTC colors.




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They look very nice, my local city still has one of their original New Look busses they bring out for historical events and open house days.  Unfortunately they're too small a bus company to be produced by rapido, so I probably won't be picking up any models myself.  They'd make a great flatcar load!

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Love these buses, it's what MUNI had running when I was kid.  I actually started collecting the Corgi Models but realized I'm not really into static models so sold them off.  I got one of these Rapido models in HO, they are amazing.  Full detailed interior and not just seats but also the bar holders. 

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Nozomi: I just received my Rapido N scale Canadian 10-car set, plus one add-on 3-car coach and sleeper set. These are absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait for the FP9A's I've reserved coming out later this year!


Kiha66 (Sam): Have you got a photo of your local preserved bus? Would its livery work on one of the generic color schemes Rapido is offering? If so, maybe a nice clean broadside could get you the lettering you need for this. Just scale and print on decal paper - or even just print, slice and glue on.

I was hoping for either Muni San Francisco or AC Transit (East Bay) here in the Bay Area. I dropped Rapido a note and they said they have a BUNCH more schemes planned if this first batch sells well. You can also commission a special run. I wonder if your city goverment might be interested in that option as saleable souvenirs.


Serotta1972 (Junior): I wonder if this will fit on the Tomix or Faller bus system mechanisms - maybe with some adjustment for wheelbase. You might be able to power it that way - if you've got the bus system to run it on, that is! But you're into RC cars, so maybe some miniature version of that would do the job!!

By the way: The reservation order deadline is TOMORROW, May 17th!

- Paul

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