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Question to series 20 sleeper trains

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al camino

Hi to all


Kato announced a re-run of their series 20 coaches.

Now I see the chance to make another consist with the ナハネフ23 as trailing unit.

I saw this a long time ago in a video.

A JNR train consist of スニ and オユ plus some series 20 sleeper.

I can't remember if ther was a カニ2x was in between but the end unit was the ナハネフ23.

I know there had been an JR auto train looking similar but without the オユ.


Using google I got stuck and only find the KATO N-Scale set of JR Kyushu with 9* ワキ10000 and 3* ナロネ21 plus 1* カヤ21

Missing the ナハネフ23 and wrong era (JR instead if JNR) it is not what I remebered from the video.


Now I would like to ask If anyone could help with an information about the ナハネフ23 trailing postal service consist.


Also I would like someone to confirm my understanding that the series 20 cannot be consisted with series 10 because of different energy lines through the train.


THanks in advance to anyone who would reply.


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Going from these consist ideas the ナハネフ23 mostly ran as an intermediate car. I remember there being a Kato N Scale set that had it as an end cat tho, let me check again.


Here you go. According to the consist recommendations trains were split at some point of the journey and from there on the NaHaNeFu23 was an end car.

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al camino

Hi Roadstar


Thanks so far.

This one I am aware of.

The sleeper trains that were split for different end stations.

This would be the second option for me and could be considered as solved already.

The good thing is I would not need another カニ21.

Do you have an idea if the train name was kept for both separated units?


I am looking for the postal train with some sleepers at the end as I saw in the JNR video I can't find anymore.

I love these "mixed trains". You get an additional impression to the pure freight and passenger trains.



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I have the  Kato 20 series Sakura set which split just south of Fukuoka(Hakata) at a place called Tosu. From there, The Kani 22 (Hakata end) to the NahaneFu 21 went to Nagasaki and the Tokyo end went to Sasebo. A Maya 20 was added to the Sasebo half at the point of uncoupling. 

Both parts of the consist were still called Sakura although there were different colours of head mark depending on the locomotive. Flat or domed and eithe blue, white or pink. 


Kato did a Chikuma set which used a combination of 20 and 12 series coaches. 10-272


There are some pictures of Oyu 10s coupled to 20 series blue trains in the mid 1970s.

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al camino


Did every separated train section receive a power unit such as マヤ20 or カニ21.

And how to get hands on a マヤ20 in H0?


I did miss the Chikuma before.

A really nice option for a train consist.

But I have too much オハフ13 and just one スハフ12 in my 12 series rolling stock.

And the KATO re-run had happened last year.


Do you know if the オユ10 coupled to series 20 sleepers carried a generator car in between?

I am not quite sure if the series 20 could be operated without generator car (head end power by locomotive only).


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The images i’ve seen have an Oyu 10 coupled after the locomotive and then to the Kani at the front of the blue train.


One example



Last image as you scroll down sees an EF58 pulling a 20 series with a postal coach at the front.

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al camino
Posted (edited)

I checked some pictures of マヤ20 and found マヤ20 1-3 looks to be not bad for some cutting and glueing.

I might (ab)-use a TOMIX スハネフ30, close some windows and insert the roof section by a spare shell 1-516A (カニ21) ?

This would make ~ 30 bucks for the new shell and some material left for a fantasy ナニ21 shorty in H0.

Maybe not all windows are perfect positioned but the overall impression counts.


What dou you think about this?


In 1988 I once made a cab car for Chur-Arosa from BEMO parts. To save separation lines to fill and make them vanish I just build the coach with toilet on the wrong side.

Noone noticed this up to now!

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I like the Maya 20 as it adds a point of difference. If you can kitbash one, great, otherwise a South Korean company called Ajin made them but they fetch ¥30,000-¥40,000 each on auction sites. 

A Kani 22 with pantographs would also be a nice addition. I think Tramway did one last year. 


I preordered the 20 series 4 car set, 2x ナロネ21 and 3x ナハネ20 as this was the limit from Ami Ami. Slightly annoying you can’t order 7 xナハネ but i’ll either have to do another order for 3 and then 1 or source 4 from elsewhere. Both formations in Kato’s consist list had a ナハネフ23 in the middle even though it didn’t split. I assume for the convenience of a conductors room in the middle of the train. 

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al camino
Posted (edited)

The カニ22 is on my wish list. I didn't order as the price is quite high.

But I think it is better for me to wait for the カニ22 instead of thinking about another project of kitbashing/freelancing a マヤ20 1-3.

There are still too much projects waiting to be finished and quite a lot in storage waiting to be started.

For now I will keep my series 20 6 car train and add 1x ナロネ21 and 3x ナハネ20 to get the separated 出雲 to Hamada and Izumo. The section to Izumo has to wait a while until the cars will receive their head end power.


Or does anyone know if the series 20 cars could receive their energy from a electric locomotive?


Up to now the thread was interesting and fun. Thanks!

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21 hours ago, al camino said:

Or does anyone know if the series 20 cars could receive their energy from a electric locomotive?

I may be wrong but i was under the impression the 20 series were the first fully electric powered coaches, lights, heating, cooling etc.. as things were moving away from steam heating. Being self contained with diesel engines and electric generators meant any locomotive could theoretically pull them.


By comparison, on the Chuo line EF13s, which were built for freight, were used for the Yamao train but needed a Manu 34 to provide heat to the coaches due to the freight locos having no steam generator. 

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