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Hello from New Hampshire!


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Hey there, my name's Nate.


I've been really into railways ever since I was in first grade. I got my first HO scale set in second grade (though that has been collecting a bit of dust as of late). I don't really model anymore, as I am very short on room in my house, but I always like to do a bit of railfanning whenever I can get a chance to do so, although here in NH we don't get a lot of trains. I got into Japanese railways around ninth-tenth grade, and I have been hooked ever since. 


Just a bit about myself; I'm originally from the Philippines and I work in food delivery. My other interests include computer keyboards and international travel.


The first piece of Japanese railway memorabilia I have is this JNR hat I recently bought off Yahoo. It's too small to fit on my head, but it's still a very neat piece to own (especially for only $35 shipped). Nice to meet you!







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Welcome Kyouhei,


Glad you found us. Lots of stuff to get you in trouble here with your interest in Japanese trains!





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For railfanning in NH, the Conway Scenic railroad is a beautiful trip up to Crawford Notch.  The box lunch on the train is pretty mediocre, but breakfast at the Upstairs Cafe across the street from the train station is superb!

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Welcome to a Granite Stater.   I grew up in Mass on the NH border by Nashua and much of our commerce (and later my employment) was in NH.


Lived in Merrimack myself for about 5 years in the late 90s / early 2000s before moving back to Utah (had lived in Utah about 4 1/2 years mid 90s for work and family).




Pretty cool hat you found.


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Welcome aboard

NH reminds me my holidays in the USA in August 2018 and the Mount Washington road. 


There is a nice museum to visit near to NH, in Kennebunkport https://trolleymuseum.org/


Lots of rolling stocks, esp. metro & commuters. 

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Hi Nate! Is it a coincidence that your username and avatar happen to be Nate the BW2 protagonist? I love Pokemon!

That JNR hat is definitely something to brag about; if you ever decide to erect a diorama shelf or train display rack (given your lack of space), that should go on top as a literal crown jewel of your collection. Also, welcome to the ex-H0 scale club!

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Welcome, Nate. Good to see another New Englander on the forum. I live in eastern NY, but grew up in Boston area and later the White Mountain Region. 


One of the bigger New England train shows is coming up in Marlborough, MA 12/4-5. Never been, so can't give you a sense of how much Japanese equipment will be there. The biggest show will be in Springfield, MA in late January, and two years ago, pre-pandemic, there were several vendors with Japanese equipment there.

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