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Imon Shinjuku


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Out of the blue, it seems, Imon has opened a Shinjuku branch.




Pretty much the same style as the other stores, at ca. 230sqm nice and spacious, seems split mainly between N and HO gauge.


More pictures here: https://railf.jp/news/2021/03/19/180000.html and here: https://rail.hobidas.com/news/330696/.


The building is owned by Imon Corporation and is freshly renovated. However persons even of average height should be aware that the overhead of the staircase between 2F and 1F is unexpectedly slightly lower than a person of average height, but there is no warning (that I noticed anyway); I found out the hard way.


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Certainly very nice for drooling browsing, though the N gauge prices can usually be bettered else where. On the other hand they have an excellent selection of parts and other bits'n'pieces.

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Omg, I’m drooling at the pictures, I think I would be a puddle on the floor if there in person! Makes even the best of train stores here look shabby and under stocked.


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Those are beautifully displayed trains and aside from drooling will make me want to buy them even though I probably already have them.  I've not been in a proper hobby store with a large model train department in a long time since Franciscan Hobbies.  I walk away from train stores here now thinking, I have more trains than they do in all O, HO and in especially N Scale. 😁

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