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Public payphones on shinkansen bullet trains to be abolished

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maihama eki

I'm surprised how many pay phones and phone booths I still see in Japan - at least compared to other countries.


Makes a great little detail for your layout though.

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The days of lines of dozens telephones at the station are long gone, mind. And you see an awful lot of little nooks etc. in buildings which were obviously home to a payphone. But yeah, there seems to be a reasonable basic coverage still, often with actual telephone kiosks. And never vandalised of course, as this is Japan :D.

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JR East

Yeah, those phones were quite interesting but not for privacy in this train (in some other, they were in a booth)





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I remember calling the family on christmas 2004 and having to insert every 100yen coin I had for a 10 min call.

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From The Asahi Shimbun 14 Apr 21;    A bit more info about removing pay phones.

Disconnected: Pay phones to disappear from all bullet trains



On a related topic,  also from The Asahi Shimbun 6 Apr 21

Ministry dialing down 75% of payphones around Japan



Where will Superman change into his suit now?





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