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Yamahama - A newbie constructs a somewhat ambitious n-scale layout


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21 hours ago, MeTheSwede said:

It's a common term. The Japanese term is 軽音楽部 (keiongakubu) or sometimes 軽音部 (keionbu) and simply denotes a school band playing some kind of pop music (as opposed to classical music). I haven't read Shiori Experience, but I've seen the anime adaptation of K-On! , the name of which should be explained by my previous sentence.

Ah, that makes a lot of sense. I haven’t watched K-On but have a friend who has.

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For a long time I've been planing for a tram line on the street in front of Yamahama Station. I haven't got room to make it a loop or even to make the line double track. Thus it would by necessity end up more of a static thing, than something to actually drive trams on.


The street will feature curves on inclines which has been causing me headaches about the difficulties I will encounter when it comes to fitting curving track pieces into a street which has inclines of changing angles.


For some reason the thought had never crossed my mind that I could do away with track pieces. Yesterday it finally did, and I pulled out a package of 0.5mm wire I bought at Sakatsu Gallery and started making an experimental street. It turned out well, so I placed some buildings next to it and a couple of trees I made last week, to make a temporary little diorama.










I will likely not tackle the street in front of the station for a long time. But when it happens, now I feel confident I'll be able to pull it off. This solution is a lot more flexible for handling curves and inclines.

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I have a hard time visualizing your technique. Could you expand on it? You embedded metallic wires inside some cork ?

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