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The Platz Kiha 40 in Z

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Finally got around to buying a Z scale Platz Kiha 40. I had looked a few months ago but none of the colour schemes appealed to me. When i saw Plaza japan had JNR Central 40 6309 in the 'Old Style' colour scheme I took the plunge.


Hadn't seen much mention of them so didn't know what to expect but was very pleased with it and have done one of my youtube reviews about it




nice slow runner and works well with both my Gaugemaster and Marklin miniclub controllers. Bit more gear noise than a Rokuhan but the detailing and paint finish is spot on




packaging is as good as you expect from a Japanese manufacturer but the instructions are in Japanese only


both bogies powered and directional headlights




anyway the video tells much more




I will definetely be getting a couple more and be interested to see if they are planning anything else



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Looks lovely. It amazes me how much detail they can put even in such small scale models.

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You still have to install some details by yourself? I see the antennae are missing.

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