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This is the absolute worst train to fall asleep on in Tokyo…or wait, maybe it’s the best?【Pics】Last Chuo Line train to Kawaguchiko for the night.

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Nice fun. My friends and I use to do trips like this when we were young. 5 times in grad school we took off for Disneyland at 2am from berkeley by car! Usually after a party and some dumb reason to go. Always an adventure. 


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Probably much less delightful if it was unintended.


I assume we've already had the story of the bus service from Takao Station (terminus of most Chuo Line services in Tokyo, and very res) which takes last train oversleepers back to Hachioji, where they have a fighting chance of finding somewhere to stay the night?


I don't think I've ever missed my stop when going home late in the evening, but getting home from the airport after overnight flights has resulted in some "interesting" awakenings from deep sleep.

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JR 500系

I've been wanting to ride the Chuo line till Kawaguchi ko... Hear say one can see Mt Fuji in all its glory when the skies are bright and clear!

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1 hour ago, JR 500系 said:

Hear say one can see Mt Fuji in all its glory when the skies are bright and clear!


Depends on your luck 😀

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If you want to see Fuji in from various vantage points, winter is the best time, as the air is usually clear and dry; late spring/summer the worst as it's usually hidden behind the haze, when it's not cloudy. I moved into an apartment in late summer once, which had quite nice views over Tokyo, and one early winter morning I stepped out onto the balcony and was like "OMG I can see Fuji from here".

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If you happen to be in the area, the morning after a typhoon often has a very clear sky, but can get cloudy/hazy rather quickly. Fujioka Station on the Gotemba Line has a very nice view of Fuji-san.  Taken from the station platforms. 


Fujioka Station, Gotemba Line 5 Jan. 2020









But four days earlier, it was a wasted trip. From Gotemba Station,



If you do go that way, it's worth paying a visit to the Gakunan Line. They have an all day pass and have the thick paper tickets for sale. Gave mine to my student, but will get more the next time I can get there. 





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Brilliant pictures gmat.


Not normally a fan of Soranews (or Rocketnews, will never get used to the new name), but I did like the idea behind this article. The Chuo Line is romantic, and being able to take an E233 all the way to Kawaguchiko is genuinely fun. Obviously there are more comfortable ways to travel (I took the bus), but there are few finer journeys in the Tokyo region than riding the Chuo Line from Tokyo Station to the wilderness.


That said, one can't help but feel they should have just checked into an onsen hotel and had a lovely dip in the warm waters while they were there!!

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