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The LMS Patriot 4-6-0 in Z


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So as many of you are aware I've been off doing all sorts of other things since Lockdown wiped out all the model railway shows and steam galas. I've been dabbling back in gauge 1, WW1 military modelling, w WW2 fortifications with the grandson etc. In fact anything but Z


But I started feeling guilty, especially as I had asked some designers to do me some 3D designs for British Z and thought I ought to crack on with them


I have a long history with the Fowler designed LMS 'Patriot 4-6-0' as I would have see these as a five or six year old accompanying my dad on one of his railway photographic excursions


scenes like this one, 45519 'Lady Godiva on the York-Bristol express at Dore and Totley in 1960 is typical of many of his pictures




Now, I have attempted to model one of these before. Using one of the worst kits ever made, a Leinster models 0 scale one for which I paid the princely sum of £8 for an assortment of tinplate sheet metal components and some ambigous white metal castings and a hacked out brass chassis 



it was not a happy experience and despite my best efforts never , ever looked any good




more tomorrow



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A while back now word came out that Ivan was working on an LMS Royal Scot 4-6-0 3D print on shapeways. This would be the original version with a parralel boiler rather than the ones most people know with the taper boiler of which two are preserved and running on the mainline


I ordered a couple in FUD to see how they looked with a view to replacing them with brass ones if they worked outlarge.1613322007_LMSUnrebuiltRoyalScot4-6-0resize.jpg.fa78a7efdf7ebf32c3ea9d0f252b0271.jpg


Fitted on the Marklin BR 38 chassis not everything lines up and it had more of a look of a Patriot with the taller chimney. This first one was sprayed with red oxide primer to reveal the layer lines.




Red undercoat was chosen as one of the two would be in LMS crimson Lake livery which they carried up to 1948 and the nationalisation of the railway in Britain. I chose to do it as Lady Godiva. The red wheel centres were painted with Tamiya 'Rubber black' which covers quite well. Topcoat was Hycote Ford Burgundy, the lining was from Fox transfers and the lettering was from a very old sheet of SMS 00 coach transfers (never throw anything away, you never know when it will come in handy!) Tender body sits on a Marklin BR 24 2-6-0 chassis




Seen on Republic on the Pullman rake. Need to order the nameplates this week








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The other one is going to be 45551 'Unknown Warrior' the new build one making quite rapid progress. A dedicated society are recreating one as sadly all the originals were scrapped. Because of lockdown I havn't been to se it for quite a while but this was it at Barrow Hill before the boiler, smokebox and firebox were fitted. They have hit a couple of snags on the way which has pushed the completion back a bit




In BR Brunswick Green 




Hycote Rover Brooklands green paint, Fox lining and crests


Cannot wait to see this out on the mainline









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