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A walkthrough in Washington DC Acela Express depot in 2008

JR East

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Hi Friends, 


before sharing a bit with you my photo of Japanese trains, let me introduce something that may be also suprising for our American friends. 


Context: In2008, contracted by Alstom, I was involved in the roll-out of a solution for train care & maintenance in the US, rsp. Amtrak as final customer. Embedded in a 100% girl-team, I succeed in negotiating a tour of the premise with Alstom guys to have a better understanding of the shopfloor process. I was also authorized to shoot pictures by the Amtrak responsible.


I'll split the presentation


Localization : https://goo.gl/maps/viTFspPcim2HwoXJ6


First, a tour outside then I'll focus on the shopfloor itself, as you can see, it's also a yard where coaches are subject to small maintenance too. 


Click to enlarge the picture ...details are there



DSC05696 (Grand).JPG

DSC05694 (Grand).JPG

DSC05693 (Grand).JPG

DSC05692 (Grand).JPG

DSC05691 (Grand).JPG

DSC05734 (Grand).JPG

DSC05697 (Grand).JPG

DSC05695 (Grand).JPG

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Of course, it's focused on Acela Express. 



Let's have a look on wheels stock, and the coupling. Despite it's a full set, sometimes they are obliged to uncouple a coach ... rare view (2nd picture)

DSC05685 (Grand).JPG

DSC05686 (Grand).JPG

DSC05688 (Grand).JPG

DSC05690 (Grand).JPG

DSC05689 (Grand).JPG

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Going to the shopfloor, a first tour of the Acela express, around (face of people are blurried)


If I don't mind, focus on equipmenst is (top to bottom of the post) - hydraulic, radio set, and waste water. 



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Before visiting the train itself


First the conductor compartment and of focus on doors control panel



DSC05729 (Grand).JPG

DSC05730 (Grand).JPG

DSC05716 (Grand).JPG

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Then the different coaches incl 'the Café' with some details a microwave oven in 1st class, chillers ....those small things in white plastic, not very robust, and frequently broken thus frequently replaced - basically you've exactly the same in planes for chiiling the trolleys etc ...



DSC05721 (Grand).JPG

DSC05723 (Grand).JPG

DSC05725 (Grand).JPG

DSC05724 (Grand).JPG

DSC05720 (Grand).JPG

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