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Bonjour of Paris

JR East

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Hello ... Happy to find here a nest of Densha Otaku. 



More than 10 travels to Japan in the last 15 years, for both professional & holidays trip, still in love of Japan trains. Is that coded in DNA ? Dunno .... anyway, my son is train driver at SNCF, the French railway company. 


Hope I'll have the pleasure to share with you some of my favourite trains, my small roster, my experience of trains across the world (incl US too) when I was working with Alstom at Amtrak, or anywhere else. 


As a small appetizer, the Snow Rabbit Express shot in Kanazawa (if I don't mind), a gorgeous JR Serie 681-2000


happy to be with you


JR East ... 



JR - Serie 681-2000 - 1 (Grand).jpg

JR - Serie 681-2000 - 2 (Grand).jpg

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Welcome JR East, glad you found us!


sounds like you have trains in the blood and great place to share and discuss. Lots of worldwide rail fans here as well as most of us being mainline japan rail fans.


yell if you have any questions about the forum.





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To be fair ... I put Paris instead of the name of the close subbur I'm leaving in. I'm in Vincennes, a nice 1,9 km² city very close to Paris. I got lot of picture, stories etc to share with you. As I'm over 55, I'll also post some picture of the 'good ole time' when, student, I was driving steam locs. 


I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun together. 

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It should be about time la petite couronne gets integrated into Paris. The city structure is a relic. I partially grew up near Vincennes, and all around the Small and Greater Paris. Though I have been living outside of France for a long time now.

Bienvenue parmi nous.

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