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Heavily modifying the Kato basic controller


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Hello peeps!


I've recently acquired a Power handle and direction handle from a British Rail Class 313 EMU (pictured)


I was thinking about trying to modify one of my basic Kato Controllers to 'accept' these. Of course they're fairly bulky, so it will require a lot of modicication, indeed, I will probably build a new housing for the controller, and just use the electronics.


Has anybody tried this kind of thing before?


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Nice! Just make sure all the weight and force from the action of the handle goes into the supporting front plate and not onto the variable potentiometer, as they are not that sturdy. Their shaft and bearing will hold a knob or plastic handle, but not a big metal lever.


should work well if you can build a case to hold, pivot and liming the range of motion of the throttle handle and the  just attach the potentiometer to the handle shaft and secure the pot base from rotating with the handle.


looking forward to what you come up with!



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There is already kits out there to replace the plastic throttle handle with brass handles. So fitting the handles shouldn't be an issue.


I see no reason why you could not make a larger box and convert all the kato stuff over. Might need some longer wires in some places. But doable.

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"Has anybody tried this kind of thing before?"


Dave Lowery has done it with his Class 56 cab desk, the Deltic Preservation Society has done it with their sectioned Deltic cab.


Dave uses his to control gauge O trains and the DPS for controlling a PC based train simulator. There is also an EMD control desk used to control a HO scale DCC layout somewhere in the USA.


A more advanced version with CCTV monitor and fully automated PC control.



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The trolley club I am in, and some of its members, run O-scale and HO-scale models with full-size prototype trolley controllers, or just the controller tops and handles fitted to a simulated controller case with a model power supply inside it. This is with straight DC, not DCC. Some have electronic simulation of momentum, coasting down, air braking (manual or self lapping) and even brake reservoir and brake control line air pressure on actual WABCO air brake gauges.


Rich K.

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