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Kato EF30 - Question


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i have a kato ef30  a friend of mine sent it to me, he got in a auction from japan, didn't run so he thought it would be good for me to mess around with an i could see how it works! well i have it running !! it was bound up, one of the drive shafts wasn't in place the way it should be, simple fix,, now the fun part, it needs the couplers (both of them) ive done some checking an no one has them in stock,  upon doing some searching kato has discontinued this model along with the couplers,,  kato number 3073c3 should be the part number?? Plaza japan had them i placed an order an two days latter they sent me a e mail saying sorry nothing in stock, don't know if an when they would be, they nicely sent me another mail saying kato discontinued that model, tried hobby search same thing,, any thoughts? there's nothing there but the face, lol i guess that's what its called? 

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Are you after the rapido or knuckle couplers? I thought these thing are pretty standard between models. I have an EF30 so i will check later.

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Do you need the entire front face, or just the coupler?  I have spare couplers I can send you if the mounts are fine.  A photo of the model would be helpful to determine what you need.

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thanks     all i have is the "snowplow?   "no couplers no spring plate,, they are Arnold couplers, 



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Do you want to mount Rapidos or knuckles?


You'll need Z01-0218 and for the former Z01-0240 and for the latter Z01-0224 or Z01-0282.


You can pull out the black part with the steps and then mount the coupler. It's the same for almost every Kato loco, so just look at another assy-sheet 😉

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thanks i want to keep the Arnold couplers that's what all my wagons an locomotives are,, an i  cant find any one who has them in stock,,   z01-0240 coupler    z01-0218 spring plate,, hobby search,, thanks 

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If the locomotive still has the clip that holds the coupler and the spring plate, I should have some spare springs and arnold couplers.  I'd be happy to sell you a pair.  Just shoot me a PM if interested.



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Sorry, I missed the notification!  I've sent you a response now.

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