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ANA Flight To Nowhere

Tony Galiani

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This is only open to people in Japan.  One of my hopes is to fly one of ANA's A380's.  I have been on an A380 a few times and it is an amazing plane.  Combine that with ANA's reputation for great service and it should be a great experience.

Oh well, I can hope for the future.

(Link above is to their Japanese site but there is other info about this on the web.)


Tony Galiani

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I believe their A380s were ordered for Japan to Hawaii service.  Might be able to tie in a few day Hawaiian vacation into your next trip to Japan! 

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I assume its more "we're paying a lot every month on the loans for these things, so we might as well try to get some revenue out of them"

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At 6’4” and broad shoulders, my last thought of something to do for fun is get on a plane! Maybe if I was in biz class but that’s lots o money and just increasing your carbon footprint by a good chunk to not get anywhere! While I’ll fly when there is a good reason to travel, and I’ve flown a lot of miles in my life and not at all scared of flying just really uncomfortable having to folks myself up like an origami frog, but not just as an activity, and pay for it to boot! Rather go check in at a nice local hotel in town or one out in a pretty natural area and have a few really good meals than spend hours getting to/from airport, security, waiting, and squeezing into an ever shrinking seat on a plane!



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