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The good, the bad, and the ugly of half-price stickers at Japanese supermarkets


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I worked too late to actually ever actively hunt for those... mostly just had them on accident since I didn't really mind spending less or full price for most of these... they tasted all the same either way lol...

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Ouch... those are some really ugly behaviour... i mean, man placing those items in your baskets first and demanding for the stickers are pure greed and true reflection of ugliness... 

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Sadly standard in many places. My local Tesco staff have to barricade themselves in while restocking the discount fridge shelves so as not to get crushed by the feeding frenzy!

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Reminds me of umbrella pricing. A cheap umbrella might be 300 yen normally, but 500 yen when it's raining. Some of the convenience stores do that. Occasionally people get upset about it or try to hang around until it stops raining, and then get into an argument about if it's actually raining or not. I remember one middle aged guy at Shinjuku station trying to convince the poor girl at the little stand that it wasn't raining outside any more.

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In the summer San Francisco is loaded with tourists. Usually it’s sunny like in the mornings until about 3p. Then you see guys come out of the street with folding tables of very cheap white pullovers with I❤️SF on them for like $40. You think who would pay $40 for that, then like clockwork around 3-4p the fog rolls and they are snapped up by all the new tourists who went out in the sun in the morning in tee shirts and shorts and are mile aways from their hotels! You can tell a local they usually have an over shirt or light jacket with them even when the sun is out in the summer!


nyc has the umbrella guys that are only out when it’s raining, sort of like water vampires.



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