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Caution for Digikeijs users: faulty/fraudulent PSU's


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Domburg Support, a supplier of DCC systems such as Digikeijs, Dinamo, Z21 etc. has published a cautionary news bulletin regarding Digikeijs PSU's




In short: It is another example of fraudulent "coincidental" mixup of the CE "Conformité Européene" logo vs the CE China Export Logo which look almost identical to one another. See also the link above for examples.




If your Digikeijs PSU has the "China Export" instead of a "Conformité Européene" logo, please verify the output voltage of the PSU and verify that the equipment does not get too hot. 


Do not use fraudulent Power Supplies; It is extremely dangerous, there is a risk of damage to your trains/equipment, and they are also a fire hazard.



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Great to hear @gavino200. The link also has some example pictures of what a true one and a fraudulent one looks like. Apparently this hasn't been a problem until 2019-early 2020 or so, as far I understand it. This whole CE logo mixup is apparently popular for any PSU sold from China when bought on eBay, Ali etc.. because it's so much cheaper to sell a fraudulent one rather than a real certified one. So vigilance is important, not only with Digikeijs, but also with all other Chinese PSU's, sadly.

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