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miyakoji's bus corner! bus as tow vehicle, and bus preservation


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Two interesting finds that made me think of @JR 500系 🙂  First, one bus towing another.  As the one and only comment on the video says, never saw that before.  What was meant to be a simple Google Map inquiry became a minor cartological rabbit hole, I believe the camera man is just about standing on the border between the cities of Osakasayama and Tondabayashi. https://www.google.com/maps/@34.4990868,135.5602266,21z?hl=en



Next, down on Aichi's Chita peninsula, there's apparently an organization called the Aomi Truck and Bus Preservation Society.  They have a twitter account here https://twitter.com/aomitruckbusps with some pics of a sweet looking Toyota dump truck, and this beast, a Hino RE121.   Actually there was another video of them driving it around which has mysteriously disappeared.  Hmmm.  I believe these are from the very early 80s but I'm not sure, maybe JR 500 can fill us in 🙂



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WOW you sure know me well @miyakoji  🙂  


Interesting why was the bus towing another bus? Shouldnt a Tow truck be more adapt to towing? My first thought was because using another bus could ferry the passengers being held up in the broken-down bus, but it doesnt seem the towing bus is occupied with passengers.... hhhmmmm.... Maybe calling their company to send a recovery bus is faster and more efficient in terms of financial? 

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3 hours ago, JR 500系 said:

Maybe calling their company to send a recovery bus is faster and more efficient in terms of financial? 


It is definitely faster to call a recover bus.

Now, it might not be the case for the company in the video (wich is the quite large Nankai Bus), but many smaller bus operators might not even have a tow truck in their fleet.

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