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Modular Station Project


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29 minutes ago, cteno4 said:

they have a couple of free buildings you can download and try out to see if it works for you. Nice thing with printing is you can also decide to make your own clear windows or recess some of the windows and such.






What I may do is just print them out on regular paper and use them as templates to cut pieces of styrene. Then build the structure out of styrene. That's what I meant by a "guided-scratch-build". I may learn enough from doing a few of those to later attempt a real scratch-build. 

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Yeah that’s a good approach. Just slapping together the printed ones can also be great quick comps to pop around and see what works in spaces as well.


some of the siding patterns may be fine as is on top of styrenes or taskboard and chop out windows and make your own acetate windows. Try the silver pin tape I sent you for making window mullions on larger building windows. Check out the taskboard I sent, it’s easier to cut out window corners than stryene. Most of the surface textures are so small at scale, printing is fine and can give you a lot of play in what you do.


anyhow a good place to start and as you say start evolving it into scratch building.





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Getting back to the station. I made mockups of the West and East end modules. The next step will be to to procure some plastic foamboard and to place the structures. I bought a few more platforms from Philip in case I want to extend the station in future. An advantage to the modular method will be that it will be relatively easy to extend the station if I decide to. 


I'm also going to prepare a Tomix station control house that I bought ages ago. And I'll try to hunt down a Greenmax electrical substation to add to the station complex. I need to look a Japanese station videos and pictures too for detail ideas. 



West end module










East end module





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