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Road Traffic Safety Products catalog

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I was looking for details of convex safety mirrors and came across this catalog with lots of useful information on road markings, signage traffic signals and other equipment. It should be helpful for anyone modelling modern-era Japan.






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Wow. What a great find! With lots of photos, details, dimensions and context information. Really useful. And more ideas for new OLED projects 😀

Thank you for posting.



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Very interesting indeed, it feels like taking the driving test in Japan!  🙂  Cant seem to download the entire manual though..... 

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1 hour ago, JR 500系 said:

Cant seem to download the entire manual though..... 

Try again. I finally managed to download the entire PDF after trying a few times.

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I stumbled across another company called Hoan Supply which has some .pdf and online catalogs.


The first doesn't give a lot of detail but it does show a range of signs.



The second is an online catalog it has a wide range of railway signage with dimensions and some road signs at the back.



Finally the last .pdf has details of some maintenance and lighting equipment.


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JR 500系

WOW those are really great for that little detailing! Thanks for sharing Joe!

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Wow, nice find!

These catalogs are a great source of information, thanks for sharing!

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