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Tenshodo T-Evolution Tokyu 7200 series EMU


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Arrived yesterday from HobbySearch, a pair of the Tenshodo models of the Tokyu 7200 series multiple units. I bought these as there's a preserved set running on the Oigawa Railway, and I'm a sucker for fluted stainless steel cars. I haven't had a chance to do anything other than unbox them yet. First impression is favourable though, they're nicely detailed and finished. The details supplied include a big sheet of destination signs and other goodies. I've got the coreless power trucks already, just waiting for the pantographs to become available.










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al camino

fluted stainless steel - oh yeah!

Over the years I spent all my budget in ATSF streamliners and high levels. No more left for Japanese stainless steel. Except the EF81-300 when a re-run comes.

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Does it even roll? What about the lights? What's wrong with the pantographs that are already there? Are you gonna DCC it?

Nice train tho.

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al camino

I have seen this question unanswered for long now.

So please let me reply by showing details of the KUMOYA of T-Evolution design.

The basic design is identical for the 7200.


It is a very simple design, a handful of parts to be assembled fail safe.

All plastic (ABS, PS, POM) in black, gray, yellow and clear plus a red dot on front window insert for rear light.

Some paited parts (shell, windows).

The pantos are nice but clearly made of plastic.


Rolling = no. The truckframes are fixed inserts to the frame.

The wheelsets are plastic and sit too tight in frames to turn.

The idea of the plain T-Evolution is a nice looking model to be placed on a straight track on a layout or display case or shelf.






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