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Shinkansen 500


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Jugderdemidiin Gurragchaa

I've hit the same issue trying to install DCC into my Kato 500 series.

I've tried carefully prying them open but have ending up scuffing one of the corners in the soft plastic on the motor car so decided to just leave them until the rest of my roster is finished but if someone else is asking the same question then I guess I will jump in and ask as well!

It seems like part of the issue is due to cars having a bottom shell that wraps around the undercarriage so they don't open like a normal Kato EMU would.

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It’s been a number of years since I opened up my Kato 500 but I have a memory of prying up at one end on one side (I have a variety of thin spudgers) and once one end was opened a little I left a slip of 020 stryene in there and then pried up like a cm further down and slipped in a plastic strip and repeated all the way down. It wasn’t like most here prying up in a couple of spots pops the shell off the chassis.



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I've opened the Tomix one. Very fiddly and difficult to open, the clips for the interior plate are hard you'd need some finesse to open it. Once you have, you'd need to place it back as the conductive plates are linked from the bottom of the interior plate.


Lightly pry open the body, you could also try to get the colored accordions off. Once you got the main body out, carefully lift the clips of the interior plate on all sides. You should have the access to the engine now. None of them are glued or screwed on. So it should be simple provided you don't use any force



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