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Not a New Year's resolution, but...


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As per the title. I've always though the idea of a "New Year's resolution" was a bit naff, but as I was given a nice Japanese-themed calendar I thought I'd use it to better organise my modelling time. So this year I'm going to devote one week each month to a specific area of interest. That takes care of three weeks out of four. The remaining week can be for anything that takes my fancy.



So all the best for 2021,



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Many years ago I was heavily involved with the local chapter of IPMS. I mainly built WW1 and between-the-wars aircraft, but I also dabbled in armoured vehicles. I recently learned that there's a hobby shop fives minutes up the road from me, and have been surprised by the number of interesting subjects now available as good quality injection moulded kits. So I've got some kits for WW1 tanks - German A7V, British Mk. IV and Renault FT17 - and some armoured cars, all in 1/35th scale. The A7V is of particular interest, as I've done a bit of conservation work on "Mephisto", the only surviving original. Last night's project was an ICM kit for a Model T Ford used as a light patrol vehicle by Australian troops in Palestine. 




I've also got some kits of more modern tanks with Christie suspension and running gear. I've always found these machines fascinating, and now there are ver good kits available for these as well. I've got a trio of Soviet fast tanks - BT-2, BT-5 & BT-7, a German Panzer II Ausf.D and a British A13 Cruiser Tank Mk.IVA. 


HobbyBoss BT-2


Tamiya BT-7


There's some aircraft kits in the stash, too...


All the best,



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