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Kato Mini Diorama Kit


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2 hours ago, Welshbloke said:

I have seen laser cut baseboard kits designed to fit Ikea "Billy" bookcases, which might be a solution if you can spare a shelf.


Sounds interesting. Any links to those laser cut baseboard kits designed to fit Ikea "Billy" bookcases? I like the Ghibli idea as well.

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Annoyingly I can't find the link now. I believe they were being offered by a chap named Tim Horn in the UK, he's still trading but his website is out of action awaiting an update. They were conventional laser-cut plywood baseboard kits (the sort you simply glue together with a few clamps to hold the joints square as they dry) but made to fit the standard Billy shelves.


My tunnels are from Busch, but they seem to be the devil to find any details from. I think two of them are the 8003 "Single tunnel with lake", but the sharper curved one appears to have disappeared without trace. I haven't seen another since buying mine and it doesn't appear in searches. It too is a single track tunnel with a lake, but more sharply curved which may be why it's NLA (as 150mm is a bit tight for mainstream N).


Porco is rescaled from this Thingiverse file: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3835254


I had to guess how tall he needed to be and may have slightly overdone it, he looks short and stocky in the anime. I think he and his HO brother came out ok though:



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Cool! Thanks. I found a bunch of Tim Horn's stuff online but not the Billy bookcase baseboards. I'll keep looking though.


Cheers eh,



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I actually completed one of these mini dioramas a few months ago but only just got around to adding in some scale figures to complete the effect. I have to say that Kato has done an awesome job with this kit and I hope it or similar ones catch on. There's a lot you can do with these outside of what the kit gives you instructions and materials for. It's also very fun to do considering you can bang one of these out very quickly or just take your time over a week doing it little by little - it doesn't feel like a huger undertaking. I got one of these for my younger cousins along with one of Kato's STEAM train kits and hope this encourages them to do more than just stare at a screen all day, haha.









A few more photos and little blog detailing the build here: https://ameblo.jp/howlingoh/entry-12718186504.html

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