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Rail Trolleys / Speeders in the Philippines

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Came upon this watching a Bike Youtuber from the Philippines - I thought it was very interesting.  The locals making use of the rails in their area and made makeshift speeder looking vehicles.  Go to 1:14:26 to see the clip.  Definitely going to seek this out next time I go home since one of the sites I have yet to see is the Mayon Volcano in that area.




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Looks like they are riding on the old 3' 6" gauge rail line in south Luzon (Bicol area). I wonder if they will ever reopen that part of the system to connect to the rebuilt lines around Manila.


Mayon volcano is awesome! It is supposedly the most perfectly symmetrical cone in the world. It's up for World Heritage classification - and it's also the most active volcano in the Philippines!


- Railtunes

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