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12 train operators in Tokyo region won't run all-night services Dec 31-Jan 1

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From Japan Today;

12 train operators in Tokyo region won't run all-night services Dec 31-Jan 1



Last year I was at Shinjuku Station after midnight and took pictures of the special Hatsuhinode trains leaving the station. The Station Master was decked out in his white uniform and sent each train off. There were special very late running trains, too. I think that people will make their own way to see the sunrise or visit a shrine or temple this year, though. I'll take a few local shrine pictures at midnight on Dec. 31st to see how they handle social distancing.  They've already canceled the local Boroichi festival.



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The Keisei Skyliner will have the front cars separated and sanitized to service overseas travelers returning thru Narita.


Train cars launched between Narita airport and Tokyo for overseas travelers




Japan halts new arrivals from around world; suspends Go To Travel campaign




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