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Kanpai Keith

JNR era Blue & White Liveried Models.

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Kanpai Keith

Hi gurus,


can anyone tell me which models of JNR era locomotives and multi units had the blue & white/cream livery please? Including manufacturers codes if possible for various sets.

I’ve a 113 & 583 plus O & 200 series Shinkansens. Plus a number of locos.


many thanks.


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by memory:

Electric Locomotives:

Blue/Cream was actually the standard livery for DC-only locomotives.









Diesel Multiple Units (dark cream hue)


KiHa 10
KiHa 20


Electric Multiple Units (pre-High-Performance serieses)


50 Series

70 Series

72 Series

pre-war and immediate-post-war rolling stock for Ida and Minobu Line services.


Electric Multiple Units (High-Performance serieses)


113 Series

115 Series


reversed pattern (cream with blue line):


401 Series

403 Series

411 Series

423 Series

415 Series


Electric Multiple Units (rapid services)


581 Series

583 Series


Passenger Coaches


Series 10

Series 12

Series 14

Series 20

Series 24

Series 50 (only a few)


Service cars and other rolling stock


Kumoya 143

Kumoyuni 143
Series 191

Series 193

MaNi143 valuables car

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Kanpai Keith

@Socimi thank you for taking the time to reply.  Very helpful.

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FWIW the blue and cream livery as applied to multiple units like this:



rear-viaduct-section-2020-11-07_02 by Rail Squid, on Flickr


is commonly known as the "Yokosuka livery" (横須賀色) as it was first applied to the 70 series units on the Yokosuka line.


A variant was known as "Yamasuka" ("山スカ色"), as applied to the 115s on the Chuo Line (which had a slightly different front design to the 113s on the Yokosuka line), see e.g.: http://www.mrdimer.com/blog/115ysc/


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