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Documentary on Berlin's U5 extension


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A big infrastructure year in Berlin, not only is the new airport finally open (hilariously of all the years it could have opened, and there were many, it had to be the Year of the Coronavirus), but also the U5 extension underneath the historic city centre is finished (sort of). Documentary on the latter (in German, sorry):


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Ouch. I didn't know the U5 extension had finally open 😲 Not that it will be so, so useful. This part of the line is mostly redundant with the East-West S-bahn lines. The airport was only 8 years late...

On another note, busy-ish December, Paris is also opening a subway extension tomorrow. 4 stations for almost 6km of line. First "part" of the Greater Paris Express. Which should count four new orbital lines, and two extensions of the M14. The big projects will start to be operational starting in 2025, when the first new orbital line open in the southern near suburbs.


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Way I see it it benefits tourists most of all since it stops at all the "highlights" (when the Museum Insel stop is finished). And it enhances the reachability of the main station somewhat.

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