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Railway memories


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Looking back on my first trip to Japan in September-October 2004, I was not really interested in trains at the time. I was 19 years old and they were other days. Fortunately, the same did not happen on the next seven trips to Japan.


However, I do collect a couple of photos of Japanese railways from the time. Now I am satisfied to test some already disappeared trains:



The Chuo Line was the "main" line I used on my first trip. This is because the 21-days JR Pass and hotel was near. At that time, 201 series was the king of the Chuo Line only two years before the introduction of the E233 series. 



An old map on platform, probably at Ochanomizu Station. 



A typical day trip from Tokyo: Nikko. Later, don't understand why agency didn't use the JR (considering the use of JR Pass) instead Tobu. BTW my direct travel to Nikko in a 100 series Spacia was fabulous.



Rolling stock depot with 200 series Ryomo and 10000 series.


Comparing photos, return travel to Tokyo was using JR Nikko Line and Shinkansen (E2 Series) but no decent photos exist.



Back from Tokyo Tower onboard at that time the new E231-500 series entering Tokyo Station. At that travel I used some 205 series (stopped) but no photos exist. Also in the picture, a 115 series Shonan livery stopped at track 7 (Utsunomiya Line).


It's time to move west:



In 2004 still in function old-style "Solari" tapa-tapa boards at Maibara Station.



Finally in Kyoto, one of the fastest (at the time) 700 series celebrating 40th Anniversary with "Ambitious Japan" campaign. In my fridge I have a magnet.



And my love, the 300 series Shinkansen. The "main" bullet train during my first (and second) trip to Japan.



My ryokan in Kyoto was quite far from the center, in Ukyo ward. This is the Saga-Arashiyama station on the Sagano Line with a 113 or 115 series (Kansai livery). Not sure if I wanted to take a photo of the signal or the train 🤦‍♂️



My first onsen experience was in Kurama onsen, so time for Eizan Dentetsu! I think, in one travel I see all the rolling stock at that time:





The 700, 900 Kirara and 800 series. Jackpot!



This is not train-related but I was surprised with the 2004 technology. In Spain there was no way to know how far was the bus at that time.



Time for Osaka. I was fascinated with the train melody, insomuch I bought two CDs with the Tokyo-area and Kansai-area songs. This is the Umeda Station (Midosuji Line), the IC card system didn't exist yet.



From the Umeda Sky, the old Umeda Freight Terminal.



A 0 series with JR West "Kodama" livery on the way to Hiroshima.



A 100 series "Kodama" livery at Hiroshima station.



Back in Kyoto a 113/115 series "Shonan" and a 183 series Limited Express "Maizuru".





281 series Haruka service.


Well, the travel was great, more than 20 days visiting Tokyo, Kansai, Hiroshima and Hokkaido (3 days in Sapporo-Noboribetsu-Lake Toya). In a first moment, the Osaka-Sapporo trip was planned using the Twilight Express, but tot save time, agency finally change for the plane.


Next Railway memories: spring 2006.




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Well, I expected more train photos in 2006 (second trip) but the fact is I've less. 


In Akihabara, in 2004, I bought my first digital camera, a Sony DSC-W1, around €450, not bad considering the price in Spain (around €600). Two years after my second camera was a Panasonic Lumix FX-01, much better hand camera that I used for about ten years.


The two weeks travel in spring 2006 was a classic combination: one week in Kansai (Kyoto, Osaka and Nara), and one week in Tokyo (only a side trip to Kamakura and Yokohama).


The first two days where in Tokyo, with a trip to Kamakura and Yokohama, then, one week in Kansai and back to Tokyo. For this travel, the first solo travel to Japan I used a 7 days JR Pass.










Again, the 300 series Hikari was the main bullet train of the travel, and the last time I used it.


No train photos in Kansai.


Back to Tokyo a couple of interesting shots:








That's all.


The winter 2010 trip will be more exciting. PREVIEW:




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Back again, it's time for the third travel to Japan in a one week of vacations in my university. This was in February 2010.


This is a more-focused-on-rail travel with a four consecutive days Japan Rail East Pass plus six days around Tokyo.


Master plan was: explore Sendai and Matsushima, visit Aizu-Wakamatsu because the station camera in that moment, and Matsumoto and Nagano day-trip.


But the travel started in an 8 hours transfer in Rome Fiumicino so... time to make a quick visit to the ancient capital with the Leonardo Express.












The infamous trains of Linea B. Comparing with Rome, Barcelona area trains are quite clean (well...).




Always in love with Solari di Udine giants boards :love4:. Not sure if it still existing in italian stations.






And some Frecciargento ETR600 and Freciarossa ETR500 from my train to the airport.


Alitalia offered some good deals at the time, I paid only €430 for a round trip. After a quite travel, the Narita Express 253 series (end service in June) wait for me.










The Narita Express always offering some interesting views of the Chiba area trains like the 115 series in "Suka" colors.




At Tokyo Station I make my last change before arrive at Nippori Station where I had my hotel, the Tokiwa Hotel.






Losing time in Shinjuku.


End of day 1 and 2.





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On 12/8/2020 at 5:48 AM, Sr.Horn said:

I was not really interested in trains at the time.



These pictures suggest otherwise! Very nice. Thanks for posting. 

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40 minutes ago, gavino200 said:


These pictures suggest otherwise! Very nice. Thanks for posting. 


Well, in 2004 was young and more interested in other things about Japan. Thanks! 😉

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It's six in the morning and I'm transfering from the commuter platforms to the Shinkansen tracks in Ueno Station. A group of tetsudo fans are waiting for last pictures of the legendary 489 series Noto express that end it's regular services in March 2010.






The plan is easy: With the E4 MAX Yamabiko go to Sendai and change to a Senseki Line for Matsushimakaigan, sightseeing once of three views of Japan, and take a look on Sendai ambience and eat gyutan.






I'm n love with the Senseki Line and it's 205 series trainsets.






Back to Sendai I spend some time exploring the Station and it's impressive two stories plaza as well as some nearby shopping malls.









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I feel so lucky to have been able to ride on a Type 0 before they were all retired. Sat in the cab a few times at various places too.


Unfortunately I didn't have a decent camera back them, just a disposable one and later a phone. I'll see if I can dig out some photos later but maybe nothing special.

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Around that epoch, I was in love with the fancy station webcam with audio. Coordinated with a geek train fan from Barcelona I planned to record my arrival (morning in Japan / night in Spain).


My travel, as a previous, started at Ueno. In this case my frist train was a E2 series Hayate.




... next the 719 series "Akabe" livery.






The day in AizuWakamatsu was freeze and rainy, a couple of days before, the area had a heavy snowfall reported by karibajct:






Back to the photos, I visited the castle and eaten famous Kitakata ramen, but the main sightseeing was the train station:










Finally, my train to come back to Koriyama arrived, the 485 series "Aizu Liner":




Of course in Koriyama I had time to explore a little the station views:











Next: Matsumoto and Nagano.




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