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Things you can do with block detection and automation

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I'm trying to get a broad understanding of all the possibilities of automation and detection so I can take them into account as I design my layout. I'm not going to try to achieve all of them, but I I'd to know what the options are. As I discover new things I'm going to add them to the list in this post as well as make a more detailed post below with a link to where I learned about the feature. 


1. Run multiple trains controlled by the computer with no manual input.

2. Run trains in the background as you manually control one or more trains. 

3. Have the computer control points/turnouts (implicit in 1. and 2.)

4. Have a train that is left running stop if it uncouples before it hits it's severed tail. 

5. Have signals along the track that change according to train position.

6. Have sounds on the layout that run according to train position eg. station announcementes.

7. Control layout lighting based on different cycles, day night etc. 


More to follow.

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A link to a discussion of using block detection to avoid crashes of trains running somewhat unattended. For me, this in itself is enough reason to block detect. 



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