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Endo Type 923-3000 series Shinkansen Dr. Yellow in HO!!!

Need for High Speed

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Need for High Speed

Yes, translating things from English to Japanese helps, Deepl is a good translator as well as google are both good sources. I did this a lot several years ago when I was trying to find what was out there. I also use translators a lot when researching China Railways. Here is an  unboxing video of Dr Yellow I found by searching in Japanese. 



8 hours ago, Kamome said:

think it all stems from some of the ridership memories of certain trains. Yes, she's a big girl, not the fastest, not the best looking. But she just has something I like.😄

It was the first train that got me interested in Japanese railway modelling and is still my favourite.

Also seen an E4 getting fitted with some new bogies on an open day near Sendai which was just impressive on a twin deck monster and have fond memories of riding E4s out of Tokyo and getting an awesome view of the train yard just outside Ueno filled with blue train locos and rolling stock. You won't get that view anymore due to multiple reasons.

I personally like the early E1 shinkansen and I like the E2 a lot as well because the E2 can easily be repainted and converted to a Chinese CRH2 EMU. The E4 Is ok, I'm not too crazy about it. If I had to choose between the shinkansen double deckers I'd likely go for the E1 instead in terms of esthetics. I've never ridden the Shinkansen myself but I have been on the Chinese high speed rail and its incredible hence why I keep mentioning it. 


Back when I first began collecting high speed trains in HO starting with a cheap Mehano Thalys PBKA I always said that in the world of Railways high speed trains are the sports cars, diesel freight trains are the trucks, and the commuter and most Amtrak trains are the everyday economy cars. In some ways this shows my perception of trains being in America especially when I was younger. But for many people in places outside the US, High speed trains are more integrated into everyday life and are less "sports car" like and less authentic to them. However, in the Model Train realm the sports car analogy feels more appropriate when describing high speed trains in part because they are sometimes very expensive and difficult to find. They can be fairly hard to find in many cases some more than others but if you are focused enough on them you'll be surprised what you can find second hand. Especially when you look beyond the confines of ebay and focus on foreign sites such as Leboncoin in France or Yahoo Auctions in Japan. both of which I can not buy from directly in America but their are proxy services or if you have a kind friend living over there who is willing to help you out the better. 


But many of the latest trains put into service in China like the new generations of the Fuxing Hoa CR400 family of trains have been especially pretty. Especially the CR400BF-Z/C is just stunning and has some faint echoes in its nose design of the 500 series same as the older CRH380A EMUs that barrow various design elements of the 500 series to. Many have accused China of stealing Designs from Japan in the past and in some cases they kind of did. But China has some very beautifully designed trains same as japan. European trains are ok the French TGV and some of Spain's AVE are cool where as the German ICE trains and some of the Italian trains just don't have the character many of the asian trains do.  Again we're talking pure esthetics here, Operation and reliability wise is whole nother story. 

Comparing CRH380A to JR West 500 series. The CRH380A is a single car static display model I bought because it's the high speed train I rode in China.


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