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Train otaku say this is the narrowest train station platform in Japan


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The old island platform at Kasuganomichi on the Hanshin main line was also a narrow one.  It was decommissioned in 2004, replaced by platforms on each side.


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These stations can be quite dangerous when express trains pass through.


Iwato station on the Meitetsu is pretty narrow...

And it has express trains passing at 120 km/h...






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"Nakatsu would have a similar situation." No it wouldn't, there are passing tracks
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AFAIK one of the platforms at Tobu Asakusa is also pretty narrow at its end, where the line curves out of the station.


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Behind the camera there's a section where the station building support pillars occupy most of the width of the platform, see from about 16:30 here:



And another one just for fun:



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